mardi 6 octobre 2009

Further and Further....

Another mixe... with others sensations!
Here it's a mixe of psychedelic rock music. The general atmosphere is rather cool, really cool... Several times, the sound makes us travel in another universe. It's a kind of mixe wich brings you in an introspective approach... But don't be affraid, there is a lot of grooves in it!! (and except for Fantasy Party wich is a repress, you could hear that all records are original pressing - listen to the crackles! :) )

Tracklist :

Merchand of dreams - Mother's ouverture
Country Joe and the Fish - Section
Supreme Psychedelic Underground - Spy in Space
Burdon & the Animals - All is one
Steppenwolf - don't tsep on the grass, sam
Kaleidoscope - seven-ate sweet
Lothar & the hand people - standing on the moon
Jefferson AIrplane - A blues from an airplane
The Great Society - didn't think so
The Jimmy Hendrix Experience - Little miss lover
Small Faces - wham bam thank you mam
Deep Purple - we can work it out
Fantasy Party - All men shall be brother with Ludwig
David Crosby - What are their name?
Jungle Marmalade - Jungle end streat / Half light
The Doors - My wild Love
Further and Further

samedi 19 septembre 2009

Funk your head up!

Hi, i'm back with a new podcast! Well, it's recorded since a few months, but yesterday i just tried to equalize the general volume of the mix... I make a funky intro with some words of a french ialogue named "Banzaï" starring Coluche. It's a great scene of humour which a white and fat french business man is talking about New York int the 70's, and all its criminality, and also his (racist) vision of the black man and his major importance about all that...
Well, this podcast is about 25 tracks of random rap, between 1987 and 1990, some are rarities, others are more easy to find, but all are dope joints ( finally, it is only my personnal opinion ).

Have a good time!
Funk your head up! (complete, with track 2)

This is the track 2, to all who download the mixe without this track :

track 2

vendredi 26 juin 2009

Made in Japan!!

Dans la foulée du premier mix', j'ai enchaîné avec un podcast spécial Japon!
Bien loin de ce que pourraient en penser certains, cette île a produit un nombre incroyable de groupes en tout genre, s'adonnant à tous les styles inspirés de la créativité américaine d'alors, mais en gardant une touche qui leur est propre...
Les vocaux peuvent en surprendre plus d'un, moi le premier il me fallut m'imprégner de l'accent, mais après un temps d'adaptation, on l'écoute d'une oreille un peu moins "exotique"...
J'y ai mis autant de la musique de film (vous aurez certainement reconnu le thème du Jeu de la Mort), que des groupes de funk, de rock, un reportage sur une course automobile, et même de la B.O. de Manga....

Bonne écoute à tous!

P.s. je pense que vous comprenez aisément qu'il n'y ait pas de playlist, mes qualités culturelles m'empêchant de lire l'alphabet japonais... ;)

jeudi 25 juin 2009

First podcast on the blog : deposit your needle in emergency!

Welcome of all junkies of good music !!

I'm a french dj and digger...I start collecting records in 2003... I began to put myself into turntables by listening to the mixtapes of my neighbour's brother, who was DJ. We use to listen to them in his car, and I wondered where he could find all that records which never passed in radio, and especially how he made to mix them! We could tell that His mixtapes was the soundtrack of my years of secondary school ...
He advised me, to begin, to go to the best record dealer of the city at this time (Leitmotiv' Records of course!), thing which I made.
Then, I began to go to these record dealer's three-four times a week, by listening to all who intrigued me at the level of the record's label, the various rappers, I listened to a little all which came to me ... Due to frequenting always the same place, we get on naturally with the salesmen, and the other diggers... We meet ourselves in the same parties in famous pubs of the city, we were (and always at time) organizing "records sessions", we began to exchange each one our record's references...
I begin then to begin going back in the days into music, with the rap of mid-90s, then I jump directly in the rap of the end of the 80's and the also all the disco-rap, then the funk, the jazz-funk,all kind of soundtracks, and then the psychedelic rock...

In parallel, I continue my studies, what prevents me from dedicating more time to the music, but there, in a rise of adrenalin, I left everything to make a podcast with any kind of sound: groove, deep funk,piece of more psychedelic sound, and one or two pop grails... The mix is made very fast,I make it in one shot recording , I hope that you will appreciate this mix as much as I liked making it...

you can download it here :

Tracklisting :

* C. Earland : Revelation
* S Getz : Dozens
* A. Bey : I know this love can't be wrong
* M. Jackson : People make the world go round
* The Wild Magnolias : Two way pack e way
* Sound Experience : Boogie woogie
* D. Koffey : Big city funk
* Mystics Moods : Cosmic sea
* H. Montenegro : Moog power
* R. Kenyata : Werewolf
* J. Steig : King tut strut
* Blackbirds : Reggins
* C. Longet : Hey that's no way to say goodbye
* Lonnie Liston Smith : Journey to love
* D. Axelrod : The leading citizen
* N. Mc Ghie : Dancers
* C. Adderley : Taurus
* Grace Slick & the Great Society : Grimly forming
* Wichita Fall : Schubert's theme